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 GLP - Nightmare Within A Dream
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Posted on 01-27-20 6:00 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Still Living In A Matrix
I Guess I Feel So Lost.
I keep Asking Myself.
What do I do Now...

You're looking at me Yeah you're
probably taken back by the whole
Flat Earther thing aren't ya?
Don't worry I'm not the one that's here to harm ya!
That's the Elites job, am I starting to alarm ya...

All they do is fill your head with nonsense nonstop.
Employed at BIRTH, The CORPORATION already got ya.
Welcome to hell you LEGALLY DEAD MONSTER,
Would you like another glass of Flouridated Water?

Well, When you say the Earth is flat
I want to FucKKing Snap.
Do you want SLAPPED! NASA has the pictures
and all of that...You make me mad.
This TRUTHSEEKER bullshit is extremely wack AND completely crap!
Honestly it just makes me laugh..

Well, if you like jokes then I'mmm
keep em' coming fast,
NASA is stacking trillions in cash with CGI photographs, and
you their monkey man on ball scratching and
jacking your sac sitting back waiting for the fake alien INVASION ATTACK!!!

How the Fuckk did I get here..
I am not of this world,
It doesn't feel right to me!
Toxic Food to eat, Poison Liquid to Drink,
Chemtrails to breathe, go to sleep little sheep!

Please wake me up right now and
Tell me This was all make believe...
Servants pretending to be Kings,
Slaves who claim that they're free,
Even with No chains on their feet, I swear this has to be...
A Nightmare Within a Dream.

I remember the first year that I really really woke up
I couldn't believe this knowledge was unspoken of,
I thought I knew a lot yet little did I know the most of...
When you dive into the Rabbit hole the top gets closed up.

I'm so far down, I'm not sure if it goes up - Hold up!
I'm almost at the end, wait.. No I
Hit another wall.. but I
Got to be getting closer,
Every time I knock one
Down it feels like starting OVER...

When I found Flat Earth, it was just the Mecca that had mattered so dearly,
But nearly after that it was all scattered severely..
I was way over 9/11 and the general conspiracy theories - Government Hoaxes,
Central Banking and The Malicious Mainstream Media..

But it was just leading me to the fixation on the lies of the nation;
Freemasons, Blacks Law, Straw Man and The Reptilian Brain-stem,
Distorted Pixilation All over the Fake Human Faces,
Beings who Shapshift, Archons and The Saturn Moon Matrix.

At this point I wanted to run, or to escape it.. but then
Discovered the Garden at the North Polar Location.
Realized the cost of the Truth, I started to Embrace it.
The True Payment equation is that It pays to be Patient!!

How the Fuckk Did I get here..
I am not of this World,
It doesn't feel right to me.
Toxic Food to eat, Poison Liquid to Drink,
Chemtrails to Breathe.. Go to sleep little Sheep!

Please wake me up right now and
Tell me This was all make believe..
Servants pretending to be Kings,
Slaves who claim that their free,
Even with the chains on their feet,
I swear this has to be..
A Nightmare Within A Dream

My Second Year was here..
It felt worse than the first.
It's hard to move forward when everything is in Reverse!
Overthinking it all is like being blessed with a Curse,
But I think its best to cure the words that we Verse.

When I look around.. where the fuckk did all my friends go?
They got defensive and couldn't handle the info..
It's a game over when the TRUTHSEEKERs Touchdown..
I'm beginning to tip-toe, all the way iinto the ENDZONE!

The only way out is in..
So, no wonder my life has been turned
Inside out time and time again.

Since all the fakes have nothing to say,
They wont show their face in any place now..
I cut the grass so low with the blade down..
It sliced all the fuckking snakes out!

And I started getting the Chills
When they started giving up Shills,
I was beginning to feel like I dont think anyones REAL
And It's a Big show ya know..
So while their winning the Deal,
Splitting up pills, Living the Thrills..
I'm admitting that I'm Fuckking
Quitting the Film!

This is the land of the Brave and Home of the Free,
More like the Land of the Snakes and Home to the Sheep,
I know A boat load of Fakes who are so Asleep,
They don't want to awake a
Nightmare is Their Dream!

Cause I've been through days of Dark and Black,
Stuck in my ways but never failed to amaze this trap,
I even made futuristic plays in my past..
Never chased the Money and Fame and
Still blazed past my class as I Surpassed to max,
Shut your Flat I'm running laps around
Your Phony asss... Dose of the Truth-
Fuck the Cap, I chugged the glass, collapsed then I Relapse

I know they say.. exact opposites attract.
If that's a fact, Heaven's my perfect match - already
been through hell and Back...

How the Fuckk did I get here,
I am not of this World.
Doesnt feel right to me!
Toxic food to Eat,
Poison Liquid to Drink,
Chemtrails to breathe,
Go to sleep Little Sheep!

Please wake me up right now and
Tell me this was all make believe..
Serpents pretending to be Kings,
Slaves who claim that they're free,
Even with No Chains on their Feet..
I swear this has to be -
A Nightmare Within A Dream

Invisible Entities Stealing Your Energy!
Nightmare Within A Dream.
Actors on the TV, a False Flag Every Week!
Nightmare Within A Dream.

Is This Really Me?
Or Could it Actually Be....

Nightmare Within A Dream.
Last edited: 27-Jan-20 06:03 PM


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